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Vickter Investments

Q&A with Dave, a Property Manager for Vickter Investments; A family owned management & commercial real estate business in Sherman Oaks

Q. As a Property Manager, how have 3D Virtual Tours help you in leasing your buildings?

When I follow up with leads generated by online aggregators, it gives me something more tangible to send along.

Q. What do you want potential renters/lessees to see while exploring the property in the 3D?

A. It gives them a sense of the actual space/dimensions. Still Photography is very often misleading, the 3D tours give a sense of the reality.

Q. How are you using the 3D model and assets to lease your unit?

A. When I follow up with leads generated by online aggregators, I include the link to the models in the email. I also use the still photography in our ads, and those have been very well received.

Q. What is the feedback from potential renters/lessees on your 3D Model and what is the most talked about asset? (Ex: 3D Virtual Walkthrough, Measuring Tool)

I haven’t gotten any direct feedback, but I’ve noticed a lot more leads. This type of visual tour is now expected/industry standard, so it’s helped us keep pace in a crowded market.

Q. How would you benefit from having a 3D model of each different layout of the units in your building?

We have two example units or layouts and plan more for our other properties in the near future.

Q. Have you noticed that you are renting/leasing your property quicker with the new 3D Model and marketing assets?

Yes, it’s helped us stay current with the state of the business (Covid-19).

Q. Do you feel the Google Street View of your property has been beneficial?

I’m honestly not sure, I’ve not heard anyone comment on it, but I expect it’s been very useful.