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Quixote Studios, West Hollywood

Quixote Studios, West Hollywood

Q&A with the Coordinator, Marketing and the Creative Services Director: Sam Houser

Q. How did you hear about 3D Virtual Tours?

We heard about 3D Virtual Tours through an email blast forwarded to us by our booking department.

Q. What is your favorite feature and why? (Ex: Dollhouse View, Floor plan View, Measuring Tool, Highlight Reel, or 3D Walkthrough)?

Our favorite feature is the Dollhouse View because you can see an overall floorplan of our scans, and can zoom in and out to the location of choice. We also love the measuring tool specifically for our clients, because it allows them to make sure their gear will fit in planned locations

Q. We strive for a friendly, generous reception, and open communications with all of our clients. In a few words, please share any thoughts on how we can continue to grow?

The communication and partnership 3D Virtual Tours provided were amazing. They left an open line of communication and were able to talk through all of the possible scenarios we might run through before the shoot day.

Q. Please explain how rebranding and changing your digital – footprint using our 3D marketing services, assists you, and the marketing and sales team, to increase your bookings?

We believe that allowing our clients to fully immerse themselves in our locations before shoot days specifically in the age of Covid allows them to understand the space without physically being there.