Meeting Room: Step-In Box


Los Angeles, California.


Among the options for meeting spaces in Los Angeles, Hotels offer quite a few unique meeting spaces for start-ups, entrepreneurs who prefer a one-time space within the hotel they are visiting. Meeting spaces that can offer food & beverage services, video projection, notes, pads and pens etc. The ultimate office space


The Step-In Box offers a way to show off the whole room with one step-in without having to scan the entire retail space. Imagine walking into the room and taking 1 step turning to your right, then left and yet able to view the whole space.

Encompassing all commercial retail, warehouse spaces, industrial spaces, and office retail. Creating and attaching links of the Step-Inside Middle Box to a QR code with your company’s logo, printed on digital brochures, placed on the windows of the space allows a 24/7 open-retail-house for more marketing opportunities than before..