Hotel Ballroom & Meeting Room: Step -Inside Middle & Step-In Box


Los Angeles, California.


Among the options for meeting spaces in Los Angeles, Hotels have quite a few unique meeting spaces offered. For couples who prefer an extraordinary indoor wedding, Hotel Ballrooms offer a certain vibe of elegance. Hotel ballrooms and event spaces are also typically neutral enough that they can also be transformed into any kind of theme or aesthetic that you’d like to have in your ceremony.


In the 3D model above we offer two unique views to show off your Ballroom and Meeting Rooms. The Step-Inside Box located in the Ballroom on the 1st floor of the Space, offers a way to show off the whole Ballroom without having to scan the entire 20,00 sq ft. Imagine walking into the room and taking 10 steps into the middle of the room

On the 2nd floor is a 200 sq ft Step-In Box. This represents the same feeling as if you were to open the door and “Step-In” to the room.