Construction vs. New Design


Sherman Oaks & North Hollywood, California.


The first project is a purchase from Granville Cafe group. This was a purchase for their 5th location. After capturing this project, we purchased an add-on called a MatterPak Bundle that creates the 3D model into an upload able file, .OBJ, to be redesigned in AutoCAD or Revit. Then their architecture team could create a new design using the same layout. The single family home was scanned and a purchased add-on called an E57 File was imported into a 3D software for the engineer to reconfigure the living room area wider by moving walls and load-bearing beams.


In these two 3D models both Single Family homes are in different phases of their perspective build. The 3D model on the right has completed everything and has begun painting the interior and roofing. Next up, is the Single Family remodel. Notice they are building out the floor plan creating more living space. The framingĀ  and the windows need to be completed and installed. Stay tune for the next phase.